The band

Danny Vlaspoel

Started to play in 1983. Likes to play almost eveything but the last 20 years especially Blues and Rock. Played in lots of bands and projects. Hammerhawk (hardrock/metal) – La Grange (Rythem&Blues ) - Wammes (Crossover) - Dikke Dames (Band for Cabaret) - Laundromat (Rory Gallagher Tribute) The Bouncers (Ska). - Boys named sue ( Johnny Cash coverband )
Played with some of the greatest musicians like Ted McKenna , Mark Feltham, Kellie Rucker, Barry McCabe,  Nine below zero , Dr Feelgood and Johnny Mastro and Mama’s boys.
Influenced by Rory Gallagher, Jimmy Page, The Hoax, ZZ Top (early years), David Gilmore, Brain May and any others .Most of all I like playing !




Joeke Wouda


Started out as a bassist in the entertainment music, think of orchestras à la James Last. He at that time regularly coached known artists , that all ended when the military service claimed him. After that it was only rock & blues cover bands, .
He has the "necessary" years spent in Haarlem and environs known 'Crossfire",
Zas supervisor at the famous boogie woogie pianist / harpist / singer / entertainer Dirkjan Vennik and
about 5 years internationally active with the Rory Gallagher band "Laundromat".
Next, he took a few years rest, but ........... "rock does not rest."
So dusted the bass and played a brief stint with the Zoetermeers rock cover band 'Countless'
but after some time took the step to "The Biters".
Now playing with Laundromat for around 14 years and still pumping that bass.



Fred Koridon


Freddy started his career as a musician in the eighties with his rock band Low.
Gigs on well known stages like Paradiso, Melkweg, Paard van Troye etc.
In the nineties he played with great Dutch musicians like Ton Dijkman, Rob Winter, Erwin van Ligten. In this periode he had some record contracts witch resulted in three singles. In the early 2000 he played in a bluesband Bones. He is writing and recording his own songs. In 2011 Freddy released a solo album.
Besides singing in Laundromat (with a little guitar playing and Bluesharp) Freddy does solo gigs just with acoustic guitar and vocals. Inspired by singers like Paul Rodgers and Paul Carrack Freddy likes the spirit and energy of the Rory songs.






John Martin

The ex-Wolfpin drummer John is well known in the style and music of Rory Gallagher,
performing at the Rory festival in Ballyshannon 2009 and has been doing so in the years following. Sharing the stage with Mark Feltham (Rory Gallagher) Blondie Chaplin (Beach Boys),
Barry Barnes (Sinnerboy) and many others
At the Rory fest 2012 he was reunited with his musical pal Marcel scherpenzeel (ex-Wolfpin) front-man of the Band of friends with none other than Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna..
Whenever he gets the change John will amaze you with varoius tecniques picked up through the years by music styles from the 1960's to the present. He has been able to master some of the greatest songs ever written by jazz, blues and rock legends
Now playing with Laundromat for a period of 6 years and does not intend to leave this unique group, that plays the Rory songs most of the coverbands do not dare to touch any time soon.