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on the road for the past twelve years keeping the music and memory of the great Irish bluesman alive. The line-up comprises founder members Danny Vlaspoel (guitar) and Joeke Wouda (bass) along with drummerJohn Martin (ex-Wolfpin) and vocalist Fred Koridon makes for a superb combination of musicianship and faithful interpretation of Rory’s material. This is a Rory Gallagher Tribute band with a real difference – don’t miss them!


In the years that have passed since Rory Gallagher’s death, aged 47 on June 14 1995, his true stature has become ever more clear. This soft spoken Irishman, characterised by his flowing locks and trademark working man stage clothes, was far from ordinary. Gallagher was a self taught virtuoso who forged a musical revolution in his native land, shunned the traps of fame and stardom yet became a universally acclaimed international folk hero.


The objective of the Rory Gallagher foundation is to keep the music and spirit of Rory alive by all tributes. We hope that these tribute events become a meeting place for the existing fans as well as that new fans are attracted to join, people who may have never seen Rory live and only heard about him recently. That’s how we want to keep the spirit alive.


We are proud to host this wonderful Festival to Rory Gallagher, Born at the Rock Hospital in Ballyshannon in 1948 and since 2002 the Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival has celebrated the Music & Life of Rory Gallagher in Ballyshannon, with over 10,000 fans now attending the Festival annually in Ballyshannon from all over the world. 


since 1996, being the most long-lived and one of the best Rory Gallagher's tribute bands. It is a british trio, having only one goal in their lives: to sound like Rory Gallagher Band.
They have always been present to every festival honoring Rory around the world, 


when guitarist/vocalist Tony Dowler, bassist Dave Burns and drummer Steve Tansley joined forces to create what can best be described as the ultimate blues rock power trio.
Between them they have toured extensively with various bands over the years, playing and headlining many festivals throughout the UK and  Europe. Each of them looking for the opportunity to create something special after playing together some years ago, they finally have the chance to do just that.


A celebration of the music of Rory Gallagher Winners of The European Blues Awards 2013
Not just the notes  but the sound, energy and feel of Rory ,delivered by people who helped define it…